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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you Photograph in Color or Black & White?

The Original Photographs are first produced in Color; all of the various “Finish” options can then be created from the Originals.

What is "Sepia / Color Tints?"

A Sepia finish provides a "warmer, antiquish" feel as compared to the more "contrasty" look of Black & White (click here for gallery sample) "Color Tinting" is the process of applying soft pastel color directly to selected portions of the finished print. The idea is not to make the finished work look like a color print, but rather to project a soft glow of subdued color, such as in "skin tones." (click here for gallery sample)

What kind of clothing should we wear?

Light colored solids or whites are best; avoid "prints" which tend to become "busy," especially in Black & White. Try to stay away from "logos”, you'll be glad you did long after the one you're wearing is "out of style." Although denim is an option, the classic look of “white & khaki" is forever.

How long does it take to see the proofs?

Normally, in 4-6 weeks, the "finished" enlargements depending on the time of year can take up to 4-6 weeks also, a little longer for "Color tints." Proofs and Finished Prints are shipped through the U.S. Post Office or FedEx.

How do I know that I will like all the proofs, is there a guarantee?

Every successful photographer develops their own style, I strive to Photograph my subject's "personality" from a "documentary" point of view. If you believe as I do that "posed" pictures and "packages" tend to stifle creativity, then consider perhaps a more classical and candid approach for your portrait requirements. I guarantee the quality and integrity of my work.

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